Solder dilema


Thanks for all the great solutions. Most recommended a impressionite
block available and that sounds like the ideal solution. Others had
some great ideas which I will try next week. Such as, using
investment to shallowly submerge the pieces.

I have about 25-30 pieces to do. It consists of a larger sterling
unit with four small jump rings to be soldered in place. They need to
be exact and identially placed in relationship to each other.
So…will try to super glue the four small jump rings in place,
then submerge lightly into investment and then burn off super glue and
then solder. Thanks for the tip on burning it off, but this will
require such a microscopic amount don’t think it will be a problem.
Once I get the original made, then can repeat, repeat etc.? Or, will
order the impressionite board when I get the first, original piece
done to my satisfaction. Thanks again for the great suggestions, I
have been dawdling with this far too long. Was just stuck for ideas.
This is a great forum for us all with truly caring craftsmen on board.