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Solder chip dispenser

Hi All.

I’ve been using a little device I invented that is working so well I
thought I’d pass it along. I usually cut my own solder chips, but
sometimes like to use the 1mm square manufactured chips. But they are
SUCH a pain to deal with!

So, I took a Clear Eyes eyedrop bottle and cut out the internal
structure of the tip. Then I took a short section of silver tubing
with an interior diameter of about 1.5mm and inserted it into the end
of the tip. I put some solder chips inside the bottle, and
reinstalled the tip. To dispense the chips I just gently tap the side
of the bottle until the chips come out. With a little practice I was
able to easily dispense one or two chips at a time, right where I
wanted them. Eureka!


Allan…brilliant!! I can’t wait to try it. Placing solder is one
thing my students have great difficulty with. I teach them tweezer
placement at first then graduate them to the fluxed brush and finally
the pick. But it is always a chore. Your idea sounds great.

Don in SOFL