[Soirce] Pagan charms?

Anyone have a good wholesale supplier of pagan charms/castings? These
would be pentacles/pentagrams, goddess figures, green man figures,
oroborous, triple moon, etc. If you are familiar with what Azure Green
carries then you know what I’d like to find. :slight_smile:

Lynn A. Davis
Tephra’s Treasures
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Lynn, Try Richard Heurt in Denver his # is 303-777-4333 Tell him J Morley
gave you his # I am not sure if he has all of those charms but I know he
has some of them and charms are his thing at good prices.

J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio

Lynn there is a company called , Strung out & stoned gems, that has
beautiful items that you are looking for! I do not have their number any
more, but I know if you call 800 Directory you should be able to get their

Hope this helps!
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