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Software for jewelers, missing one thing


I’ve enjoyed this thread, but noticed one thing omitted in all the
posts concerning programs (unless my coffee hasn’t kicked in)… in
all the software programs mentioned, I don’t think any of them have a
feature to insert a jpeg of a piece. I was looking for a program to
keep accounting, and help with inventory, along with storing a
picture of items. My inventory are generally one of a kind pieces,
and I like that additional record keeping. Any suggestions?
Gail Selig


Gail, you can make boxes and insert jpegs into them to make records,
catalogs, flyers all sorts of things. Just by using Microsoft Word.
You can even put a piece on your stationary. Susan Chastain


Dear Gail: The problem you are going to have is that the accounting
programs do not have image generators in them to show the image. One
possible solution: I just received my new version of photoimpact 5 and
it has a wonderful album photo management system, (also part of
photoimpact 4.2) but if you added the images to the album with the
same part number as your inventory items they would be easily
referenced. Ernie Phelps,


gail, ‘myob, accounting plus, version 9’ allows you to place pictures
(in bitmap format) in your inventory list. i’ve just started using it
and it seems to be a great program to track inventory. susan r. serna,
flor de la luna, anchorage, alaska


Gail, I used to use MS Works back in the “old” Sindows days. Now with
windows 98 they have bundled a program ‘Ability Write’ which will
insert spreadsheets, drawings, pictures and objects into a word
processor file. I have used it several times to prepare complex presentation papers. Geo.