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Software for Inventory

I am a new jeweler just starting out and I am looking for a program
that covers inventory - costs - price of gold fluctuations and gods
knows what else one need to figure out. I have searched the list and
some people use quickbooks, art affair and one from Rio. Most of
these posts are old and I don’t think they apply. Due to all the new
jeweler manufacturing software out there. But one must trust the
advice of ones colleges. I know from a little experience that
quickbooks will charge you endless fees and upgrades. They have a 7
month obsolete turnover according to the customer service rep from
quickbooks. Art Affair is free for their starter program and the
upgrade 139.00 or something close. The rest, who knows??

So what software do you use and why?

After doing a lot of research, a little over a year ago I bought THE
EDGE, by Abbott Jewelry Systems (866) 580-3343 I doubt
there is a POS / Inventory program anywhere that would be 100%
perfect for me & my purposes, and THE EDGE is no exception. That
said, overall I am quite happy with the product.

IMHO, one of the most important things one should take into
consideration when choosing a POS / inventory program is the cost &
accessibility of tech support. When you have a problem (and you WILL)
you want help NOW, not later. The EDGE has very knowledgeable,
patient, & RESPONSIVE tech support & training. They know their
product & how to teach you to use it, plus they understand the
jewelry business.

$150 for a reliable & useful POS inventory program that you don’t
have to program & support yourself? In a pigs eye! If jewelry is a
hobby maybe that is OK option, but even then I doubt it.

Make no mistake–it’s a TON of work & extremely time-consuming to
get the system personalized for your specific purposes & to keep it
up-to-date. I value my time more than my money, so the initial cost
of the system was not my primary consideration. Good thing, too,
because at $3,500 per location THE EDGE wasn’t cheap. However, a
program that helps you keep proper inventory levels & buy the correct
type of merchandise over time wil make you money, so as such a POS
inventory management system should not be viewed so much as a cost
but rather as an investment. As a result of the many reports that the
EDGE generates, my sales are down but my profits are up!! Why? 'Cause
I stopped buying entire lines & categories that we sold a lot of, but
whose margins were such that at the end of the year they didn’t make
me any money!

Although I realize that the above reads like a sales pitch, I am in
no way related to Abbott Jewelry Systems except as a satisfied user.

Doug @ White Buffalo

PS: for you David Geller devotees, his manual / repair prices can be
added to the EDGE (for an additional cost). THE EDGE integrates with

a little over a year ago I bought THE EDGE, by Abbott Jewelry

I don’t use this - I don’t need it because I’m a manufacturer and
don’t have that kind of inventory. Two of my store clients use it,
though. One is still working on getting it implemented - It’s a LOT
of work. The other has been finished with that for a couple of years,
and he just flat loves it. He says things like How was I ever getting
along without it? Bar coding, photos in your database,
cross-referencing, reports, job bags - the whole nine yards, all made
specifically for jewelry.

Just for ease of learning curve I like Jewelry Design Manager (JDM)
which not only keeps photos of what ever you want to photograph for
inventory purposes but will produce a catalog of finished pieces. I
use JDM to help in pricing as it will take all inventoried items to
build a piece. It can grow as I have time to input inventory I didn’t
have to sit an build everything all at once and was usefull right
from the start. JDM has a very flat learning curve, hell I don’t have
time to sit with my computer, I have to make jewelry, and write

Sam Patania, Tucson (Patania galleries)