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Software for gems

Anyone used anything other than jewelsoft? Not familiar with the ibis
software how is the product support and how well does it work with parcels
of Will it subtract one gem and subtract weight from
multistone parcels?

Richard W. Wise

My opinion of support from Ibis is quite low. They have only 1
technician and he’s terribly overworked. Improvements over time have been
very slight. Odd problems like inability to combine several repair jobs
onto one invoice… they came up with a screen that combines them, but on
printing the invoice or receipt they are separated again.

Don’t really know about the stones. Think it could handle what you
want it to.

They have (or did have) a trial program called J-DEMO, ($100.00
when I bought.) good chance to explore, and they let one keep it to try
things. I still use that as I try to wend my way through different
problems. The manual is really not much help.

I find the whole program quite helpful, but sure wish they would
take care of more of the problems that come up. Stil;l convinced it is
much much better than Jewelsoft. (Also I do not think of Ibis as being
dishonest. Jewelsoft, YES.) Jim Berger