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Softened Cross-Locks

I have a couple cross lock tweezers without wood in them and have
used the butt ends as heat sinks at times. I usually dunk them in
water so I don’t forget and grab them later and burn myself severely.
So now they’ve lost their “spring.” Is there anyway to
revive them? Dave


The Spring action in a tweezers is a result of the back end of the
two parts of the tweezers being rolled down on a Rolling mill before
they are riveted or welded together. You have softened this and it
can be revived by rolling this again but you may damage this
completely unless you are able to take them apart.

A pair of Cross lock tweezers costs between 2.00 to 3.00 dollars it
may not be worth your time.

Kenneth Singh

sure Dave: retemper the metal by heating it to a straw color and
quenching it in olive oil Ringman