Sodium flare and Schell's gold didymum glasses

One more word about them, then I’ll shut up! Prefacing this with
I am NOT advising others about eye protection! just relating my
own experiance.

I did a bronze casting yesterday (first one I’d done all summer
due to my other homework work for the jewelry technique course I
was taking). So this was the first chance I had to try them out
under tougher circumstances than beadmaking.

Comparisons (to my eyes only…no advice to others
intended…just for illustration)

G.D. versus #5 welders glasses: better visible light, loss of
yellows and orange for the most part

G.D. versus Rio Grande casting glasses: more comfortable looking
at the fire little better visible light

G.D. versus rose didimium: much more comfortable looking at the
fire (rose also removes yellows)

G.D. versus naked eyes: much less painful, but the color loss is

Perhaps others who have tried AUR 92 and AUR 99 versus gold
didimium would consider telling their experiances? I sent an
email to Schell, the guy who sells them to see if he had an
absorbtion chart he would distribute.