Society of Creative Anachronism

This is for my personal curiosity, but just how many of us here
are member of the SCA aka Society of Creative Anachronism? I am
really interested. You can reply to me off list at

Lynn Bell

I am a new memeber (just mailed my fees in last month). That’s
why I want the historic jewelry references!

Elizabeth (Niamh at events)
Silverhorn Designs

Ok, I’ll bite. What is creative anachronism?

Sally Richards

Sally’ Have you ever gone to a Renaissance Festival? If not ,
and you have a chance, do so. They are a lot of fun and they are
put on by the creative anachronism folks. Jerry in Kodiak

creative anachronism

Re-creating the Middle Ages, not as they were, but as they
should have been.

Lady Olivia of Bow (Olivia FitzJames of Bowness)