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SoCal Orchid Dinner

Hi All, We’re in the home stretch and eagerly anticipating November
1 when we’ll finally get to meet all of you. It looks like there
will be between 70 and 80 people at the dinner! It’s still not too
late to send in your checks, but consider Tuesday, October 28, to be
the last date you can mail a check and be reasonably confident that
it will arrive in time.

As noted before, we will do our best to accommodate everyone,
including walk-ins, but if you do show up at the door, we cannot
guarantee admittance. If October 28 rolls by and you realize that you
can after all make it to the dinner, PLEASE email
<@Beth_Rosengard> to say that you’re definitely coming
and will pay at the door. We have to give the restaurant as close a
count as possible 48 hours in advance so it will really help if you
notify us.

If you’re new to Orchid and have no idea what this is all about,
please see . If you’ll
be anywhere in or near Southern California on November 1, we’d love
to have you join us.

As mentioned before, we’ll be raising money for Orchid at the dinner
in two ways: by collecting donations at the door (cash and checks
only – with checks for this purpose made out to Dr. E. Aspler) and
via a Silent Auction. Please note that you do not have to make any
donation to Orchid in order to come and have a good time (though you
do need to pay $36 for your dinner – and those checks should be
made out to Beth Rosengard).

Our final auction donor is Orchid’s own Kate Wolf who has chipped in
with an assortment of her new gold and silver toned carving waxes
(Wolf Wax by Ferris), a copy of her new full-color 24 page
instructional booklet and some hand made carving tools. You can see
Wolf Wax and Tools at and; also check out Kate’s work and workshops

Since the Silent Auction is now bursting at the seams, we have
closed it to further contributions. Thanks to all of the generous
people and businesses who have provided goods and services! For full
descriptions (and pictures) of Silent Auction items, see The final few items will be posted
ASAP so keep checking.

If you have any questions, please contact either of us.

Beth Rosengard <@Beth_Rosengard>
Brad Smith