SoCal Gemstone Yard Sale(s)

Hi everyone,

On behalf of Carol Bova (where I’m visiting at the moment) let me
quickly tell everyone about the series of lapidary & gem yard sales
we’re doing in Carol’s back yard in Sunland, California. Perhaps
some Christmas cutting material might be just the thing for your
lapidary friends.

Essentially, for health and other reasons, Carol needs to dispose of
her (vast!) stock of agate, jasper, jade, chrysocolla, obsidian,
cat’s eye tourmaline and other cutting material and minerals. Plus I
have my own Bay of Fundy porcelain agate rough and panorama stone
rough, and designer stones and hand carved alabaster bowls and
jewelry. So we’re putting on a whole month of Saturday yard sales at
Carol’s home in Sunland, underneath the patio roof.

Each sale closes with one of my mineral-gem slide shows, also under
the patio roof. So bring a folding chair.

For more and road directions, please call Carol at 818
951 1402 or me at 818 951 2990. More complete details, and some
other interesting lapidary news, will be up shortly on the “Eclectic
Lapidary” at, but as of this writing it
isn’t there yet.

Thanks and hope to see you Saturday/s

Hans Durstling
usually Moncton Canada
presently Sunland CA