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So you think you can CAD?

I took this off of “Cad design for embossed rings”. Not jewelry, but
ifyou want to see what computerized manufacturing is up to, this
will give you a good idea. This place is 20 miles from our house, in
an old Toyota factory. It doesn’t even address the drive train, just
the bodies and tr’s the car:

It’s in the upper 5 figures…All electric, 0-60 in 5 seconds or
something, 150mph or so…

Yes and a matter of fact has no transmission and 415hp from a motor
that is no bigger than a pony keg. has a range of about 300 miles as
well and an astonishing design. starts at 70k.

Russ Hyder

That car is all over the Chicago area - fantastic looking and the
owners rave about it.