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So long for a while

To all my many Orchid friends I must say so long for at least a
while. I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer of a most agressive
type. I have been told that all options but one are closed to me, the
most radical of surgery being the one open to me. The outlook isn’t
good yet there is hope that it hasn’t spread to my lympe nodes. The
road is long ahead of me and at 71 yrs old I know it will be hard. I
couldn’t unsubscribe without telling all of you how much I have
enjoyed being a part of you. I will miss my daily Orchid fix. I have
learned much from all of you both in our chosen fields and
personally. There are many of you that I have come to love and admire
greatly with a bit closer relationship due to the length of time I
have been a member (1998 I think) and other reasons. Peter Rowe,
Catherine Palochak, I will hold you both close in my heart for
whatever time is allowed… Long live Orchid… May God bless each
of you… Hanuman, please unsubscribe me, with the hope and prayer
that I might rejoin you all one day. Your friend,

John Barton
jhbarton at sbcglobal dot net

I would like to thank all who have written offering me their support,
prayers and well wishes. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and
love for you all. I pray that our Lord will bless each and every one
of you and your loved ones. May each of your lives be blessed with
joy and success. Looking forward to a day that I might return to your
company, I remain your friend,

John Barton