Snake chain repair

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone knows if a gold snake chain with a
small kink in it can be repaired. I would hate to have to scrape
it, if not. And if it can’t be repaired, can anyon suggest a
smooth, flowing chain similar to a snake that doesn’t get damaged
as easily.

Thanks everyone.

Ruth in LA

Hello Ruth:

As a vetern repairman of 20-odd years(still hard for me to
believe) I have had the best luck just removing the damaged section
and soldering the chain back together with solder paste. VERY
little heat will do it. Hope this helps; Steve Klepinger

Hi Foxymom, Ya, I’ve repaired many snakes juat takes heat control
and patience. If you’d like help let me know!! @GoldSmithy


Cynthia suggests:

You could try pulling the kinked chain through a hole in a piece
of HARDWOOD that is the same size as the chain or just a nats
whisker smaller. The wood has to be very hard. This may “fix” the
kink or make it much less noticable.

Wheat chain is less kinky than snake. Stuller Settings has it and
thier Number is:


Hope this helps.


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