SNAG San Francisco Dinner

Dear all, I wish you could have been at the gathering in San
Francisco during SNAG. SNAG was again wonderful, I always get inspired
during the conference and want to get to work right away. SNAG and
it’s artists give me so much I want to just thank you who are also
Orchid members and reading this. Charles Lewton-Brain and Karen
Christians are always a blast to hang out with so any excuse is good
to fly around the country to see them is well worth it. In the true
spirit of Orchid, volunteering knowledge and time, Molly Guettinger
gave both in setting up the dinner which went off with out a flaw.
The idea of a gathering was initially Brian Marshal’s with whom I
had a chance to visit and see his wonderful workshop and soon to be
open school. Thank you Molly and Brian . I’ll see all of you in
Tucson in February. Now back to reality and work…and 100 plus
degree temperatures. Sam Patania, Tucson