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SNAG Public Survey


SNAG’s survey is anonymous and thus does not conflict with Orchid TOS
forbidding the collection of personal of our members.


Dear Fellow Orchidians,

SNAG is looking for jewelers and metalsmiths to take a 3-minute
survey. There are only 10 questionsand 9 of them are multiple-choice.
We need people who are neither current SNAG members nor Metalsmith
subscribers. There is no cap on the number taking the survey; the
the better.

Please click here to take this survey:

This survey is one component of pre-planning for the board of
directors’ strategic planning retreat, in January 2007. We hope to
learn how SNAG could become more valuable to you. This is an honest
effort to hear productive and constructive feedback from a key
segment of the field.

The board needs your feedback and they are listening.

The cutoff date to take the survey is November 9. DON’T WAIT please
take 3 minutes and complete it now.

Thank you in advance for your time and
Dana Singer
SNAG Executive Director