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SNAG Orchid Dinner?

Thanks for the Orchid dinner report from Tucson, Teresa! I’m feeling
a bit “left out” again, and find myself repeating the annual lament,
"… maybe next year…"

In an effort to compensate for my feelings of inadequacy (tongue
planted firmly in cheek), let me add on a brighter note, that I will
for the first time be attending the annual SNAG conference this year.
Heck, it’s close enough I could almost walk there… if I started now.

Although I haven’t heard much talk about it here, I know others
will be attending as well. Probably many of those same people who are
in Tucson now and won’t read this message until they get back.

How about we have an Orchid dinner there??? Any takers? According to
the conference schedule, Friday is a free evening, and would probably
be an ideal opportunity. If there is interest, please reply directly
to me, and I’ll coordinate. I have contacts in Richmond who can
probably recommend a good place to have it. I am also open to
suggestions from “the floor.”


For anyone who is wondering, SNAG is the Society of North American
Goldsmiths, and the annual conference is in Richmond, VA this year,
February 28-March 3.

Hope to meet a bunch of y’all there!


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)


There is usually a message board at the conference where attendees
can leave messages for each other. That would be a good place to
post info on an Orchid get-together. I will be attending the
conference and might be interested in going to dinner with everyone.
I’m glad to hear that you are attending, it’s always a fabulous time.

See you in Richmond,
Deb Karash

Where was the Orchid dinner held in Tucson? The last info I received
stated it was being held at the Coyote Cafe – but I couldn’t find
it, and none of the bellpersons or shuttle drivers knew of it either.
I’m disappointed I missed it…I was so looking forward to meeting
everyone (and hearing the speakers, too). I guess there’s always next
year, eh?


Dave and interested others,

There is a free evening in the schedule for SNAG. This would be a
perfect time for an Orchid dinner.

I will be arriving around noon, but will be tied up in a meeting
until 5pm. There is usually a board where we can leave notes, etc.
Maybe a central meeting spot during the pin swap might be good.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!


So sorry you missed the dinner. Yes, It was at the Coyote cafe and
there was a great turnout with folks from all over the country.
Everyone got a chance to say where they were from and what they did.
After that Charles Lewton Brain got up and talked a little about the
history of Ganoksin and Orchid, and the need to raise funds to keep
Orchid growing. Just $50,000 or about $20 per member would be enough
to get Orchid to the next stage of developement. Any contributions
would greatly be appreciated,

Hi Pepr,

 Where was the Orchid dinner held in Tucson?  The last info I
received stated it was being held at the Coyote Cafe 

Sorry you missed the Orchid dinner. There were about 70 folks there
(More would have made it even more fun!).

The Coyote Cafe is located in the old Holiday Inn Downtown, the site
of the GLDA show. The Holiday Inn is in the process of changing
allegiance from Holiday Inn to Raddison. Right now it has some other
name not even the employees know.

Next year we’re going to try for a new venue.


the orchid dinner in tucson was great fun. thanks for organizing it
dave! we’re a great bunch of people… mj