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SNAG Orchid Dinner St. Petersburg, FL

I am happy to report to you that with the able assistance of Loren
Damewood, we have secured a great venue for our Orchid Dinner on
Friday evening, March 19th. Please visit the Columbia Restaurant at: This dinner will
coincide with the annual SNAG Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. The
cost of the dinner will be $34.95, including all taxes and
gratuities. There will be a cash bar for alcoholic beverages. The
Columbia Restaurant is at the end of a pier, with a view of the
surrounding waterfront and bay. It will be a great evening, a way
for us to get together and get to know one another on a more
personal basis.

Please email me directly and let me know if you can join us.

Joel Schwalb

Based on a suggestion from Orchidian Charles Lewton-Brain, we are
going to start at 8:30 PM, Friday, March 19th. This will give
everyone more time for the gallery walk, which begins at 6 PM.
Please email me directly if you would like to join us.

For details please visit

Joel Schwalb