SNAG or Clasp

Hi All-

I was really buoyed up by the idea of Clasp–and looking forward to
being able to participate.

However–the price tag is prohibitive–totally. I’m a little shocked
at how high it is. The there’s transportation and hotel and food. I
am pretty devoted to SNAG, have made some wonderful life-long
friends there and definitely plan to go. But I’d really like to do
both–it seems that they are different enough to serve the jewelry
community in a non-competitive way–especially noting that SNAG is a
sponsor. However, for now, the price is too high. (Maybe if business
is better next year and gold is no longer $600/oz…)

Just my thoughts–

I agree with Carolyn that the price of Clasp is really shocking. For
that money, I’ll just take another workshop at Arrowmont or Penland.
I’m sure there are many things to learn at conferences and many
connections to be made, but the price is too high for what I think
I’ll get out of it. Prove me wrong. Let me know what it did for you!

Tammy Kirks