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SNAG Minneapolis and a big thank you


I attended the SNAG conference, my first time to be at the entire
event, andmy first time as a presenter. It was a wonderful
experience to be able to meet people that I have admired over the
years, read about here, and poured over their websites as I search

During the four days I met:

Barbara Minor, who is involved in a large enamelled public art
commission in Minneapolis and has an infectious energy about her

Chris Hentz from Chris’s Cables, who tells good jokes

Charles Lewton Brain who showed us amazing slides of Mexican

Cynthia Eid, who is unbelievably candid, engaging and approachable

Andy Cooperman, who is a wonderful presenter, funny and equally as

Ruth, who worked for Charles Eames in the '60’s

Harlan Butt, who boogies with the best of them

Linda Kaye Moses, who adores her Knew Concept saw (well, maybe
adores is a little strong)

And so many more people I will spend weeks going back over notes
trying to remember what we talked about.

I was amazed at how easily everyone shared and
willingness to discuss their work. The conference was energizing,
and very friendly.

Thank you to everyone.


Thanks Cheryl. 'Twas a pleasure meeting you as well. I enjoyed our
conversations. That’s the best part if a SNAG conference for me…



So true! The organized events/talks are icing on the cake-- the best
part is all the encounters (most by chance) that occur between the
scheduled stuff. That said, I liked Andy’s best-- entertaining as
well as informative.

I came back exhausted, with the feeling of being both filled to
capacity and totally depleted. A great conference.