SNAG Conference in Cleveland

I am amazed that no one is talking about the SNAG conference that
was held in Cleveland, OH last week.

I know that some Orchid members attended a dinner . . . I know that
some Orchid members were there. Wondering, why is everyone being

I met lots of very nice people from all over the world, thought the
lectures were wonderful, and the vendor room had great stuff. I
especially like the books that were available (I lost many of mine
in a flood last year). Wish I had been warned about the pin
exchange. I only made ONE pin!!! Darn . . . Is SNAG a secret
society? Just wondering . . .


I was not able to go to SNAG this year, and would love to have
reports of what wonderful things people saw, what was cool and
noticable and interesting. I, and others, would appreciate it from
those who went.

thankyou, Charles


This was my first SNAG meeting that I had attended. I think that they
are doing a good job. It was held in a good hotel with convenient
parking. The Volunteers and the Vendors were all busy. Attendance
would have been better in other major cities. Attendees came from
far away places ( Alberta to Texas & Seattle to Martha’s Vineyard)

I had and opportunity to meet fellow Orchidians some for the first
time like Peter Rowe We spread the word about Orchid and had a few
new jewelers and suppliers show up at the dinner at the last moment.

At the dinner we had wonderful time & as usual Karen worked hard.
Carol, Ivy, Bill, Peter & several other made the evening enjoyable.
We were 29 of us 1 short of the originally expected number of

Some had registered at the last moment during the conference. By
2.00pm after the final count of 42 but I called in with a total of 39
as it was a buffet and Orchidians like to talk more than eat less. So
we were 10 short We had to make up $350.00. But our Orchid spirit was
there we all chipped in paid for those who did not show up.

As far as the Dinner (like in food) and the Location (like in
accessibility) it was could have been lot better. (Rita had email
about this place but a little too late)

I am working on a guideline (for the benefit of future events) & will
post it.

Kenneth Singh.

I attended SNAG in Cleveland and as is usual for me, am just
beginning to get my feet back on the ground. It is always heady
stuff. Professional Practices, presented pre-conference, is always
well attended and provides a lot of practical on the
business side. I have been in business for nine years and had an “a
ha!” moment during Thomas Mann’s presentation on “Design for
Survival” in which he calculates backwards from the desired income to
what has to be done to get there. Kind of puts things in perspective.

3 M had ongoing demonstrations of their new products and gave
samples afterwards. See for their
new site dedicated to our needs.

As usual, the Vendor rooms were tantalizing with tools, gems and
books. The Gallery Tours were terrific and really showed Cleveland’s
better cultural side at University Circle. The restaurants were very
good as was the company (and you know who you are!) and best of all,
the banquet at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was the best I have
ever attended. The whole place was ours and we were free to roam the
exhibits and enjoy the live music. Bill Seeley won the dance contest!
Even the banquet food for 800 was good.

The talks were terrific and for the most part held me in rapt
attention. Keynote speaker Gijs Bakker gave a wonderful discussion on
crossing the boarders between Art and Design, and the Honorary Member
Award given to John Paul Miller was inspiring. In his mid eighties,
his eyes are clear, his hands steady, and he continues to produce
breathtaking work. One attendee of the banquet wore one of his pieces
and was stopped every ten feet for closer inspection.

I could go on and on with reviews of all the talks I attended. Each
was thought provoking and stimulating and I continue to survey all
that I heard and saw. But the absolute best part of every SNAG are
the people. Old friends, new friends, icons and of course friends of
Orchid (Hello again, Peter!)

Student attendees were in greater numbers than past years due to a
reduction of registration fees, and they delighted me with their
personal adornments! Vintage clothing, body art and creative jewelry
was everywhere and enthusiasm and excitement was evident on every
bright-eyed face.

I would bet that I am not the only one still in recovery after an
incredible 5 days. I am sure that a few more reviews will surface
given some time.

And Charles, you were missed!

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA