SNAG at St. Louis

Just wanted to report that SNAG in St. Louis was one of the best
conferences I have attended in years. This organization really
has its act together now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Susan
Sarantos, the Board in general and to the new executive director

I met Ann Hollerbach and Deb Karash and Peter Rowe from Orchid.
It was nice to put the names to the email addresses. The pin
swap was lively and I collected some really nice pins. The talks
were really good, except for one on cad cam which had interesting
but not the right delivery for the conference

I think everyone agreed that SNAG is moving in a very positive

Next year in April, SNAG will be in Boston.

Karen Christians
416 Main St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:

Any one who has favorite SNAG conference photos that they would
like put on my website please contact me. I will be putting a
conference review up on my SNAG section soon. I was so busy and
didn’t have time to photograph as much as possible. Also stories
of happenings etc. I have quite a few of my own. Great time!!!


I must agree with Karen, that SNAG seems to be heading in a good
direction. I am very excited about the "Professional Practices"
element of the conferences and I can’t wait to go to Boston.
Thanks to Susan for her hard work. It was fun to meet Peter and
Karen. The conference is a great place to conect with old
friends and meet new ones as well as gather valuable inspiration
and I hope to see more Orchid folks at the next
conference. - Deb in Rockford, IL