SNAG 2001 Conference

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful people that came to the
SNAG conference in Richmond, Virginia. This is my hometown and it was
a pleasure to work and play with so many bright and talented people. I
have just finished my final report, so all of my work for the
conference is done. Yippee!!

The lectures and programs were wonderful and I spent way too much
money in the vendor room. We tool junkies have to stick together. I am
having major material lust for Lee Marshall’s Bonny Doon Press. Phil
Poirier’s lecture and demonstration with the deep draw press were met
with applause, gasps of breath, whistles, cat calls, dropped jaws and
general seer delight.

Linda Darty’s presentation on enameling was good enough to make the
hair stand up on the back of my neck. When that happens it means that
I am looking at really good art.

Thank you to each person that worked so hard to make this event

Cathy Wheless