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Smith or cast 14k white gold?

Hello. I have not done much smithing since college and that was primarily using sterling silver. I have a client interested in a 14k white gold money clip. Is this something that would be ok to cast or would it be better to smith from sheet? I find white gold tough to work with in general- can’t imagine it is very friendly for bending / annealing / hammering! Anyone have advice for me?


I have made moneys clips out of sterling silver and leave the bent area partially annealed. With the constant bending that a money clip experiences, my annealed silver clips quickly harden and after 5 or so years of use, I have to repair them. I imagine that white gold would be even more of a problem especially if it is cast.

Hugely helpful- thank you! What gauge sheet do you suggest? Do you think the 14k yellow gold would be better?

Hello Jennifer
Typically 20 or 22ga sheet is used. In white gold there is a 14kt white spring that works well. It is harder than the standard 14kt white. The white spring is designed to have memory (spring back) which is good for money clips. There is a 14kt yellow spring that is designed to work the same to have memory. With that being said, I have customers who use the standard 14kt white and yellow to make them as well.


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Perfect- thank you! Do you sell the 14k white spring sheet?


Hi Jennifer
Yes we do, please contact me @ my email.


I certainly would work from White Gold sheet. The spring sheet 14K White offered above should be perfect.

If you plan a simple foldover design with plenty of space and a good spring action, it should hold anything from one or two folded bills, to a significant “was of cash”, with no need to keep rebending the money clip. The natural spring of the design should last a lifetime, if it is not repeatedly bent. White Gold sheet is perfect for this application.

White gold is stiffer. White is better for that. Get some sheet 18 gauge
or so. Heat where you’re going to bend it red hot and quench it or let it
cool. Then bend it around a rod. Maybe a chop stick or a shishkabob
skewer. Might have to tap it with a hammer once it bends most the way
around the rod. Bending it around will work harden it a bit. Polish
everything first. SD