Smith little torch in Australia

Hello Z.Z.,

I've asked RG about gauge size, as the Australian bottles are a
slightly different gauge from the US ones, and I think there is
only one regulator size, and I'm waiting for a response. 

Yes indeed the cylinders are a little different down under, however
we can special order the regulators for you. All we need is the type
of tanks your going to be using. Additionally, you can get our US
standard regulators and retro fit the regulators with the proper CGA
(compressed gas association) fittings. You should be able to get
these locally, but be sure to ask first.

Give me a call or pop me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to discus this

Have a great weekend!

Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Sales and Support
800-545-6566 ex 13903

Hi there,

I have just recently set up a oxygen/propane smith little torch here
in Australia myself.

An American propane regulator will fit an Australian propane tank -
so there is no problem there. With the oxygen regulator I changed the
nut and nipple (the inlet stork for the regulator). I did this by
buying a new nut and nipple from BOC and unscrewing the american
connector from the regulator. It is very important when you fit the
new nut and nipple that everything remains very clean. I used a
compressor to blow any dust/filings out,added some new teflon tape
around the nipple thread and screwed the new nut and nipple on whilst
the regulator was held firmly in a vice. If you do not feel confident
doing this there is a company Nichegas ( who
will fit the nut and nipple for you - it was not expensive. They
were extremely helpful. I would have used them but did not have the
time to send the regulator to Melbourne and wait for its return. I
think it cost me about $15-20 for the new nut and nipple from BOC.

Changing the nipple means I now have an Australian inlet with
American outlet on my regulator and connect this to an American
little torch. It all works fine. I believe you can buy smith
regulators set up like this from AJS
( Alternatively you
can buy just a smith little torch with Australian connectors. You
can then connect the torch to regular BOC regulators (though I have
not found a regulator which will deliver low pressures like the smith
range). I have one of these Australian little torches which I bought
from Rio Grande but have never used and would be more than willing
to sell it :slight_smile:

If you need anymore help - feel free to email me.

Eva Martin