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Smith little torch fittings

Hi everyone

i have a quick question for any one who can help me out (again), im
going to buy a smith little torch and while i have been looking
around i found a bit of a problem in connectin ot to my gas bottles.
the thing is both my propane and oxygen have different size fittings
on them my propane has 3/8" R/H and my oxygen has 1/4" R/H. i had a
quick look around ebay etc just to see if there are any other
fittings on the torches, the only ones i could find were 9/16" or
5/8". so what i really need to know can i just cut off the
connections that are on the torch and just use the same size ones i
have on the torch i use now also is it safe to do that or do you
know where i would be able to buy something to change the sizes

many thanks


sorry i made a mistake with the info about the fittings here are the
correct ones that i have propane is 3/8" L/H and oxygen is 1/4" R/H.
just one more thing to add after looking late into the night i came
across the smith website and found they do different fittings for
different places so far i found…

this is how it was listed:

U.S standard - fuel 9/16" L/H and oxygen 9/16 R/H
British standard - fuel 3/8" L/H and oxygen 3/8" R/H
European standard - fuel 3/8" R/H and oxygen 1/4" R/H
Australian standard - fuel 5/8" L/H and oxygen 5/8" R/H

when i looked at the few suppliers here in poland nobody sold new
fittings so i looked at my home country the UK and couldnt find them
there either, can anyone point me in the right direction. i tried to
contact smith but not had a reply but on the smith website it says
the dont sell direct which kind of sucks, so now i guess its a
worldwide search for them.

im starting to think is it worth the trouble

thanks again (sorry for the moaning)

Hi Jason,

I’ve just ordered my Little Torch this morning, at long last - Yay!!!
I’m not sure what fittings are on my gas bottles, but I know the
hoses for the Little Torch won’t fit when they arrive. I spoke to my
gas supplier at BOC and they said when my torch arrives, to take it
in and they will find the right fittings to change the sizes down to
those of the hoses. They said it won’t cost much for the parts. Don’t
know if this helps, but it might be worth asking them.



Anytime you are working with gas, my suggestion is NOT to do home
repairs. Take your rig to a welding supply shop and let them work
out your sizing issues for fittings. They are experts and when it
comes to safety, I leave it to the experts.

karen christians


I have been able to go to my local welding shop and buy adaptors for
the various fittings.

Just my two clam shell’s worth.

Ken Moore

Hi Jason

I suggest you visit your local welding shop but if this is not
possible you could try for the required
fittings. Flash back arrestors and oxygen safe leak detection spray
are essential - don’t use detergent and water to look for leaks as
it contains some grease and as such is unsafe for oxygen.

CS-Milne also sell a torch called the Firecrest which is very
similar but cheaper, at least in the UK, than the smiths little
torch.Ther Sales Director Reg Carpenter is helpful.

If any one in the UK is interested in buying a smiths’ little torch
I would suggest buying from a UK supplier. It might cost a little
more but at least it will come complete with the correct fittings as
mine did From Walsh in London.

I have now changed to the Swiss torch which I purchased from
Bijoutil in Switerland complete with hoses and standard UK fittings

  • nice people to do business with.

mike kersley
Hertfordshire UK