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Smith-Acetylene "flame" problem

Susan, I had a similar problem with my torch (not a Smith) after
changing acetylene tanks. The flame was very yellow and wouldn’t
adjust to the slim blue flame I had been getting with the previous
tank. When I complained to the acetylene distributor they readily
exchange the tank. In fact they exchanged it twice because the tanks
had been overfilled with acetone which resulted in the very yellow
flame. You might want to check on the fuel first, before changing
either fuel or torch set-up.

Jane, in Wyoming where spring is trying hard to melt the lingering
snow drifts.

Check the tip of the torch. It may have a soot buildup. If it does,
scrape it out. I don’t have a Smith but have used the Presto-Lite for
years. The art center where I teach has a similar setup with many
people using it. If the torch is held too close to the work piece,
there seems to be a soot build up. These torches (just the handles and
tips, not the tanks) are also dropped occasionally onto a cement
floor distorting the shape of the opening. These are copper and not
difficult to reshape.

Marilyn Smith

I’ve heard that tanks should not be put on their side . . . some have
done this to transport tanks. When one uses a tank that has been on
its side, it will not only not burn correctly, it will spit . . .
(could that be the problem?)

Ever notice gas tank delivery trucks? The tanks are always
transported standing up. No matter how often I’ve gotten a tank
filled, the guys at the loading dock always say, “Keep it standing up
and drive easy.” I’ve always followed their advice and have never
had any trouble with the gas supply as a result. Dee