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Smelling Stones

There's something about the way my workspace smells too from all
the rocks I cut and cab that has a definite soothing effect. 

That’s an interesting thing that I’ve noticed as well in my work as
a bead purveyor. However, in my case, the beads carry with them the
smell of their previous home. I have one supplier who smokes cigars,
so the beads smell like cigars for weeks after they arrive. Another
supplier is an oriental lady who must cook in the same space as she
keeps her beads - they smell like ginger. Then there’s the Indian
(as in India) who uses way too much after shave - his beads smell
just like his cologne. The ones that arrive from the Chinese factory
smell of stone cutting - oil, dust, and grease. I believe they do
lose their smell as they are aired out here, but then they are
probably picking up new smells in the process - most likely dust,
sage, and maybe my cooking smells.

It makes me think that the beads absorb their environment somewhat.
This is in contrast to the new age thinking that they affect their
environment with their energy. My thinking is that they are much
better at reflecting than affecting, with the exception that they do
offer appeal with their unique beauty which in turn affects those who
wear them. Certainly some stones appeal more to one person than

I am just constantly amazed at how Mother Nature has created such a
vast array of stones with their differing colors, patterns,
transparency, etc. When you consider the creation process, the stones
themselves are made by their environment, not the other way around.

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