Smaller sizes of Liver of Sulfur

Does anyone know of distributors who do smaller sizes of wet and/or
dry liver of sulfur? By small I mean less than a quart of liquid and
smaller than an 8 oz can of the dry. Thanks! -Iris San Francisco

Try garden supplies for lime sulfur. It works the same but doesn’t
degrade as liver of sulfur does. there was a big thread on this a
while back.

Marilyn Smith

Have you tired Bryant Labs actoss the bay in Berkely? They got it
but I don’t know if in 8oz dry quantities. The Pound jar doesn’t
cost much and will last for MANY YEARS if the jar is sealed from air
(the lid is screwed on).

John Dach

Hello Iris,

I gather from your post that you might be having a problem storing
unused portions of LOS, as it it relatively inexpensive. If you have
a ‘food saver’ vacuum for storing food, or have a friend that has
one, I have a solution to your problem. I usually buy the 4oz can of
the lump variety, open it and take a few small lumps or 1 large lump
and vacuum seal it in a small bag. I do this to the entire contents
of the can, then store all the little bags back in the can and store
it in a cool dark place. Then whenever you have need for your LOS
you need only use a small portion at a time without exposing the
rest of the product to the deteriorating effects of the atmosphere.
HTH. Gail

I recently purchased a 4 ounce bottle of Liver of Sulphur from Dick
Blick Art Materials. Here is the link

Gardening Shops. They call it lime sulfur and it’s for spraying on
trees for lichen control. Brian

    Does anyone know of distributors who do smaller sizes of wet
and/or dry liver of sulfur? 

I bought a couple of lumps from a local chemist (drugstore in the
US?) and it’s been in the fridge for at least 10 years. Don’t use it
often but chipped off a piece recently and it still worked fine. I
think the chemist only charged a dollar or two.

Cheers, Renate in Adelaide, Australia

Yes, Monsterslayer, sells
Liver of Sulfur in 1 oz (~$2.95), 4 oz. or 8 oz units. And of
course keep tightly sealed and light proof for any length of
storage. This page also includes a link on how to use LoS as well. Ed