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Small studio exhaust system

I need suggestions on how to set up an exhaust system in a small
studio at the soldering station. I was thinking of a small but
powerful motor in the window (I have small panes) with a duct
terminating in a funnel that could be moved. I don’t know what kind
of motor to purchase, where to purchase it and how to set it up. I
assume (hope) that there is a motor available that keeps the wind
and cold out since I live on Long Island. The setup I have now is
great but only works in the warmer months.

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Home made Soldering Station Venting System
By Alan Lewis 2004

Would really appreciate some help. Alice

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a soldering station for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

I got a galvanized bucket, cut a 4" round hole in the bottom, screwed
on a cheap aluminum fitting that in turn receives a section of
flexible hose such as is used in clothes dryers. About 4 feet in my
case - but whatever you need. The hose is attached with a simple
clamp. Then I cut a section of the rim and side of the bucket so,
with the bucket upside down it looks like there is a generous door in
its side. - That is about 7 inches wide and about 8 inches high.
Fold the edges back so there are no sharp edges. Then above the
workbench I cut a hole in the shop wall big enough for the
through-wall vent - same one used to exhausr clothes dryers - cheap!
Then the fan - which is a cooling fan from a computer - usually cheap
and easy to get - computer repair guys may give 'em too you for
nothing. The run on 12 volt DC - so you get an adapter that plugs
into the wall socket and puts out 12 volt dc current which you hook
to the motor leads, Insert a swith that you can use to turn motor on
and off. Where do you put the motor? Right inside the dryer vent just
before it exits the wall. That way the waste heat fromyour soldering
has a few feet of travel up the exhaust hose to cool off before it
hits the fan. The fans are just the right size to fit in the dryer
vent, sometimes their plastic housing has to be clipped off to fit.
Use duct tape where needed.

A screw or two into the plastic fan housing holds the fan in place.
Runs quietly. The bucket sits on the bench over the soldering surface
and can be hoisted up out of the way to a hook on the ceiling over
the bench when not in use. The whole thing is cheap and easy and
quiet. Works GREAT> I’ve got one over my soldering area and one over
my pickle pot. Just be careful to use non-inflammable dryer vent

Marty in loverly Victoria.