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Small Shows

All, I have been quite hard on Club Shows in the past. So let me
give a firm YaHoo!! to a club that just put on a show and did it
right. Flagstaff Gem & Mineral Society in Northern Arizona, USA
knows how to put on a show. This club is a not-for-profit club and
donates all the proceeds from the show to a local scholarship fund.
Upscale restaurant and hotel chain “Little America” rents the club
their ballroom at corporate rates. This ballroom has chandeliers,
carpet, and room enough for 20 dealers. My space is 32 feet and cost
me $380 for the three day show. Entry for the show was $2 per adult
and children entered free. The club also had a raffle running.
Security was 24 hour professional security personnel. From the minute
the doors were open each day until closing the place was packed.
Television, radio, and signs all advertised the show. I have been a
dealer at this show for six years and each year have watched the
show grow and the club become more professional at managing their
show. There are no displays, no distractions like music or
entertainment, just gemstone, jewelry, and mineral dealers. What a
great show this is becoming. I wish every Club Show would take into
consideration more the concerns of the dealers. Remember that people
come to a Gem & Mineral Show to buy gems and minerals from dealers.
People go to a museum to view displays. People go to a entertainment
center for entertainment.

Gerry Galarneau