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Small Scale Refining

Dear Charles, First of all, I’d like to praise you and everyone
responsible for creating this site. Orchid is wonderful. Thank you.
Secondly, Roland Loewen has published a nifty little text called
Small Scale Refining thru Met-Chem Research, 1996, I think. It
probably rolls both of the other articles into one, altho’ I’ve not
read the two earlier bits. This newer text is good. Gives the
’low-down’ on how to reclaim your, and others, metal. Thirdly, Do
you know of any one or company who has quantitatively tested
jewelry waxes? I’m writing a Consumer Report on Jewelry Waxes and
would like to correlate my tests with anyprevious work. I’ve talked
to Kerr and Kindt-Collins and they’ve just done subjective…(Yup!
It bends pretty good. OOps, that one broke!)…testing. Thanks for
your time. Chuck Hunner

Hi, Ive just moved out to the west coast and am looking for a
sourse for Nitric acid. Back in the midwest I used to refine
(Chemical seperation) with a chemical grade(40 % ?) Nitric which
I purchased thru a friend in Indiana. It was cheap then.Does
anyone know where to get in touch with a supplier in California,
or prehaps out west somewhere? Thanks Don

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