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Small letters and ham follow up

Howdy Folks, Any of you know where to get 1/4" to 1/2" tall base metal
letters?, actually steel or cast iron preferred. Nickel silver or
brass would work.

Silver’s too soft, and gold’s too expensive- not much market for
steel cutting dies with gold letters for embossing soldered onto them
, is there?.

Oh, and speaking of dies, I’m wondering if my canned ham got sent ,
or if it was intercepted by the spampolice. Did you folks get my
blatanty self-promotional (but cute ) note on Sunday or early Monday .
Someone let me know, and that will also tell me if this went through.
Please and Thank You,


Dar, Metalliferous has 3/16" letters and numerals in brass. Their
phone # is 1-212/944-0909.

Joel Schwalb