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Small Jumprings and Welding questions


I have been making chains and micromail jewelry as a hobby for
several years and am in the process of becoming a jeweler. My problem
is that standard torch soldering is simply not an effective or
efficient solution for what I work with. I tend to work with 24g and
26g wire at the moment and plan on going up to 30g if I can find a
reliable welding system. The threat of melting jumprings or soldering
them together is too high and the process to avoid doing so would
likely cause me to spend a week trying to complete something.

I know nothing about welding machines and was hoping that someone
might be able to suggest what might be a good (and affordable)
solution. I am looking for permanent welds, preferably clean ones if
possible. I have seen Tack and Arc-Pulse welders as well as a few
other solutions in catalogues, but know nothing about them to make an
informed descision.

Thank you,


Tack welders do just that - they tack pieces together for soldering.
Pulse arc welders are pricy, but they do a very good job of joining
jump rings together quickly. They come in various price ranges, but
the smallest one will handle jump rings easily.

Hope this helps.