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Small jeweller's lathe manual

I recently obtained a small jeweller’s lathe, the only name on the
lathe is TEVIN/HARD, it has a 12" bed with a four pulley movable head
stock and a movable tail stock and a movable tool rest. The lathe came
with about twenty collets. The motor, which is attached to the lathe
by a bar at the end of the lathe has a name plate showing the
manufacture of the motor to be The Dunmore Company, Racine Wisconsin.
The item I did not get with the lathe, was the owner’s manual. I
would like to cantact someone who may have one of these laths to see
if they would make a copy of the manual for me and I would compensate
them for whatever it would cost to send me the copy. Thanks very much
for helping me with this matter. Gordon.

Gordon, I’m just checking…if you mean ‘Levin’ rather than ‘Tevin’,
you can contact Levin lathe company. Their web address is

Dan Biery
’The early bird may get the worm,
but the second mouse always gets the bait’

Good morning Dan,

		Following receiving your e-mail, I did find the Levin Company of

California and sent off an e-mail to them asking for information
regarding the jeweller’s lathe that I acquired. I did not receive a
reply from the company so I wrote them a letter and sent it to them
along with a self-addressed envelope. A week ago I received a large
envelope from them which contained catalogues giving all of the
on the lathes that they are presently manufacturing and
selling. If you want to buy their latest lathe, the top model, it
would be over $78,000.00 (US) plus taxes. This is just a little more
than I can afford. There was no on the old model that I
have, although the new models use the same collets as the ones that
came with my lathe. These collets sell for $88.00 each and I have 20
of them. I will be taking a couple of pictures of my lathe with a
digital camera and sending them to the company so that they will know
which model I have. Apparently my lathe was manufactured prior to 1940
so there may not be very much available for it at this
time. Thanks very much for the you provided for me, it
certainly got me going in the right direction.

Regards,        Gordon.

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Gordon, Levin lathes are considered quite collectable, and you should
be able to find lots of and probably an original manual,
through one of the collector’s organizations. Try this site, for

Enjoy your lathe!
Doug Zaruba