Small Diamond Set in White Topaz

Hellooooooo to everyone. Dear all; I have friend (client) who just
struck me with a request (special order), and that is … He
wants me to set a number of small diamonds (1/2 pointers or up to
1pt) in a large white Topaz stone and if he likes the outcome he
wants to order few more. My answer was I have never heard of such a
thing nor seen it, soooooo my dear Orchidians has any one of you
heard or seen this, if yes, can you please enlighten me and the rest
of us.

Thank you all in advance.
Dikran Nodznaia

Hi Dikran,

I’ve seen stone-in-stone on I’m sure there are
others but this one carries them regularly. I haven’t seen them in
person, so don’t know anything more about them.

Good luck!

Doreen K. Sanborn
DKS Designs, Inc.

Dear Doreen,

First of all I thank you very much for your help, 2nd I love your
site you do such a colorful images & shapes.

Regarding the stone in stone idea; the way I pasteurized it, that it
will resemble a semi pav’e look set in transparent gem (preferably
faceted), large enough to accommodate few small diamonds. It probably
will work if there is a doublet stone that before you attach them
together you will drill the top part from the back and insert the
diamonds and then attach the back part, in theory I think it will
work and you can come up with such wonderful contrasts. Any; again
thank for your help & also I would like to thank Myron for his tips.

Best regards.
Dikran Nodznaia