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Small business class project: Interview


I’m in college right now studying fine art with a concentration in
jewelry. This semester I decided to take a business class to help me
out when I get out there on my own and begin to sell my work. The
latest assignment we have is to interview someone in the field we are
looking to get into to expand on our knowledge of the subject.

After a couple failed attempts to get interviews with local jewelers
I decided post here in hopes of getting a better result. Anyone
willing to help me by answering a few questions? I have fifteen of
them, feel free to expand or take out anything you lioke when

  1. What kinds of products and services do you provide?

  2. What characteristics of your personality helped you succeed in

  3. How did you begin your business, what lead you to start in this
    particular field?

  4. What did you do to prepare yourself to start into this business?

  5. What kinds of unforeseen problems did you encounter when you

  6. Did you have a mentor?

  7. How has your business grown since you began?

  8. How do you deal with / view your competition?

  9. Do you see any areas in the industry in your area that go under /

  10. What kinds of trends do you see in your area?

  11. Whats kinds of certification are favored in the field? (I’ve
    been told to get GIA certified, things like that)

  12. How do you sell your product? storefront, internet, wholesale

  13. What kinds of marketing / advertising would you suggest for a

  14. Is there anything you would have done differently in beginning
    and managing your business?

  15. Where do you plan to be in five or ten years?