Smacked in the face with a wet fish

Hi all

found a site with an imperial jade necklace bought by Cartier for
their collection.

27 million plus. Wife who makes bead jewellery made some wry
comments about jewellers.

Damn you beaders LOL. You leave use behind.

This is what I find amusing about this trade, previous jade necklace
I found was only 9 million.

The most expensive piece I have ever made was $5,000, I am such an
low grade jeweller compared to the beaders.


Dear Richard, some beaders…I am in Alaska, heart of Jade
country, and at this time only one place is selling jade made into
beads, and a strand of his beads cost more than a new washer. Makes
it hard to work with. At this time I am using BC Jade which is a
clear serpentine. As long as I state it is BC Jade, which is
serpentine, then I use it. Bought some reasonable jade, but
thankfully wore it for a while on a bracelet and the greasy texture
wore off so I suspect serpentine again. I am having trouble with
jade and turquoise, and almost worth changing elements for my

Blessings, a beautiful cloudy day hopeful that rain will remove more
snow. Ah spring in Alaska.