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Slop sided ring


Or should I say Lop Sided Ring… I am making a ring for my brother
that has a 4mm center band of 14k Y gold and 2 - 3mm 14k wht gold
outer bands. Eventually there will be 3 14k wht gold celtic runes
meaning lasting love on it. I have already hand carved these.

The problem is the band. No matter what have done, the darn thing
is crooked! If you roll it on the bench top it resembles a
Keystone cops car wheel. I am getting frustrated. Send Help!!



Hi Daniel, I would first unsolder the bands. Next work on each one
at a time, working from the inside then the sides then the outside
in the following steps: Place the band on the mandrel, check that
the inside is perfectly round, hammer as needed (be sure to keep
them all exactly the same size). Next, check the sides making sure
the outsides are perfectly parallel, hammer and file as needed.
Last, mark the sides all the way around with your dividers and file
any high points, filing around the ring rather than across, hold the
ring up to the light and look at the profile from all directions for
any imperfections. When all three are done, then solder them back

Hope this helps, sounds like a neat project with the runes on there.



dan. keep carving !! bands are difficult to hand carve, takes lots of
practice…try marking your wax into quaters do one section at a
time,stay out side your lines until ready to do final sanding and
usually the band will stay straight… good luck lisa