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Slip Roller

Marilyn, Geo, and John, A slip roller is a tool w/two rollers on
top of one another (much like a rolling mill but the rollers are
from 12" to 36" depending on what you get) w/a third roller
behind the two which moves up and down. It is meant for shaping
sheet metal, or wire (it has the wire grooves like a mill also)
then one end of the of the roller is removable so the metal may
be slipped off after it is shaped. Hence the name slip. The
one I saw also had a brake 1/4" - 4" and a shear. All for
199.00. I don’t know if I could make the rollers squeeze
together hard enough to compress and roll out silver or gold.
This tool is suppose to work w/up to 20 ga. steel, and I believe
it has a 2:1 gear reduction. Does that explain it? As I’ve
never seen one in action I feel a little inept in trying to give
you a detailed description.

Lisa Hawthorne