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Slides for jury


we are about to send an application for one of the art shows with
slides of our jewelry attached for jury. in the application it
requires that “slides must be clearly labeled with medium and name”.
I am not sure how they mean it (can you tell we are fist timers:). Do
they need weight, metal, stone, size etc and author name to be seen
on an image itself(when seen through projector), or on the
plastic/paper part of the slide? how detailed it should be? how did
you do it?


I just finished sending in slides for two enamel exhibitions here in

I don’t know what kind of a show you are sending to but medium is
usually listed as oils, pastels, watercolor etc. Jewelry should be
listed as such usually with the type of metal and stones used. If
they wanted size they should have requested it in the prospectus.

Sometimes the artists name is asked to be written on the slide and
sometimes not. They should have said: artist’s name. The prospectus
that I have gotten usually always has a drawing of the slide and
what/where they want written on it. The weight, metal, size should
have been asked for it they had wanted that.

I now use labels for marking my slides. You can do them on your
computer and print them out. I use two labels on either side or
top/bottom. Another thing they should have requested was an arrow
pointing to the top of the slide. I bought the package of NCR Inkjet
labels 1/2" x1 3/4", same size as Avery 8167 with 80 labels to the
page. Neat and clean and looks great.


Vera, Your medium is jewelry. They want your name and your media on
the plastic slide holder, not on the slide film. So put your name
and “jewelry” on the slide. Most every application is unique so you
will have to read and follow the directions that they include.
There is usually, though not always, a place on the application to
write a description of the work. Perhaps the show you are applying
to doesn’t ask for this. Good luck,

who just sent out 5 applications.

One part of my article on photographing 3d artwork is on labeling

And from there, here’s a link to a good article on labeling slides:

Catherine Jo Morgan
Art for Energy -

Vera, the request for medium probably relates to the list of media
that you might find on the application (clay, fiber, jewelry, etc.).
They need to know which group you will fit in for the jurying slide
show, since they show and jury each media type as a separate group,
usually. The usual thing is for a show to ask you to put your name on
the slide, an arrow or red dot to indicate which side is the top, and
a number (#1-#4 or whatever) which corresponds to a slide fact sheet
that you give them which tells materials, dimensions, and maybe a few
words about techniques used (“cast and engraved”, “fabricated and
enameled” etc.) . Often they ask for the medium category, too. This
is all written on the slide’s paper or plastic holder(slide #, your
name, medium, arrow). I use pencil for the paper ones, and an
extra-fine Sharpie marker for the plastic. I find that the Sharpie
can be removed with some denatured alcohol on a Q-tip (be careful!)
in case there are changes in the marking format required next time I
want to use the slide.

But, all this said, you still might want to simply ask them what
they mean. Some committees are unaware of what the rest of the art
world does, and come up with their own quirky requirements. The
person on the phone will most likely not be on the jury anyhow, so
you don’t have to worry about what kind of impression your questions
might make on them.

Good luck! If by any chance you do not get in the show, suspect your
slides first. If they are not great, what your work is will never
even be looked at. Be sure you are aware of what acceptable slides
look like. Again, best wishes, and don’t give up…there are
rejections lurking out there even for the best of us. I hope you get
in and have a wonderful show!

– M’lou Brubaker,
Jeweler Goodland, MN


This is an efficient idea, but some prospecti (prospectuses?)
specifically instruct that tape is not to be used on the slide. I’m
not sure if a computer label would count as tape, but it’s worth
cautioning you about using it. I use a sharpie marker and when I
need to reuse the slide I carefully remove it with acetone and a
Qtip. It’s messier, but if you don’t want to completely change the
slide holder and want to play by the rules, it’s worth doing.


 I use a sharpie marker and when I need to reuse the slide I
carefully remove it with acetone and a Qtip.  It's messier, but if
you don't want to completely change the slide holder 

speaking of…; I have put my slides in plastic mounts, in the past,
and that takes the mess out of removing the sharpie ink, but you
can’t use acetone to remove the ink, i use denatured alchohol
instead, as acetone will usually dissolve plastic. dp

I was once scolded by a show organizer for using any kind of label
on my slide. If a corner peels up (which I guess it can from the heat
in the projector) and the slide gets jammed it really screws up the
jury process. Just to be safe I go with a sharpie too.