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Slides for Juries[Oh ok...Its YAK]

Dear Lynn,

If you’ve ever ended up at a show next to someone who is part of a
franchise for cutsy little sayings about cats, and male bashing,
sometimes in the same neatly framed,(in oak!), sentence, you’ll
immediately discover the value of juried slides. This isn’t a
hobby for me, and I don’t want to end up at a venue where diversity
and quality aren’t taken into consideration. I’ve found that my
income is positively affected by being in highly competitive,
selective shows. I don’t always get in, but its an incentive for me
to try harder next time. We as jewelers sell things that people
don’t really need to survive, (although some of my customers…).
I find that this fosters a necessity for originality and quality.
Good slides reflect and confirm your worth to a show, plus they’re
real handy when your parents want to know what exactly it is you
do. All kidding aside, I wish you luck. It’s a slide eat slide
world out there.

Lisa… in rainy, mud-sliding, road collapsing, phone and
electricity outing, tree toppling, bridge failing,(and this is just
on my street), Topanga Canyon,(next to Malibu, but not as much