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Slab saw

Thanks to all of you Orchidians that responded to my request for a
slab saw. My hubby found one in Sacramento through Lapidary Digest
on line. He actually drove up there Sat. (from the LA area) and we
are now the proud owners of a used, but in-great-shape HP slab saw.
You wouldn’t believe the story about how he got the thing (about the
size of a small killer whale, for those not familiar) off of the
pick up truck he rented for the ordeal. Pretty funny how he flagged
down a flat-bed tow truck to follow him home to do the honors. Maybe
you had to be there, but it was funny, funny watching the whole thing
happen. Thankyou God, no injuries. It’s been cleaned up and now has
a new paint job, and I can tell it’s just aching for a good rock to
saw up.

Kay Taylor

Oh, can I ever relate to your experience! We brought home an
eighteen inch slab saw the other day. Loved your comparison to a
whale. We managed to enlist the aid of several muscle bound teenagers
to do the hoisting. (we bought a whole garage full of equipment) It
was extra heavy as it had a home made body made of some kind of
construction steel plate. We were so concerned with getting it
lifted, that no one thought that the hood would act like the hood of a
car when it isn’t latched. We oriented it the wrong way in the back of
the pickup, and the lid flew open on the way home. One corner of the
hood is sprung,and a hole popped in the back of it. Wonder if the
hole could be patched with that putty like stuff they use to mend
holes in oil pans?

Take Care,
Rose Alene McArthur