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Skin irritation & jewellery


G’day; I think one of your correspondents hit the nail on the
head (no, not fingernail, silly; the proverbial nail) with the
magic word BACTERIA. What the little bug…s need to live and
multiply, is moisture, warmth and nutrients - and the area under
a ring fits all the requirements perfectly, if you stop and think
about it; especially in hot weather, and in winter too if gloves
are worn. I don’t care how many baths one has per day; people’s
skin is literally covered in bacteria - some harmless some not.
Any population of bacteria doubles it’s number every 20 minutes,
given the three requirements (think of the teeming millions in 6
hours!). Having this the answer is simple - keep the
bacterial population down, remembering you’ll never eliminate it
completely. Frequent washing of the area will do it (and don’t
forget the ring itself) The use of special anti bacterial soap
will help many people but isn’t essential - but after use do
thoroughly rinse off any soap. Think a bit further; (though not
pleasant to contemplate, but do contemplate it). Why are
armpits, feet, and other areas - normally kept warm and moist -
often smelly? BACTERIAL action, that’s why. Eventually, some
bacteria which like to eat skin will get there too, and others
will produce acids and nasties and Bingo! irritation and
inflammation. So now you have it. If you don’t really believe
me, ask any dermatologist what heshe thinks about my suggestion.

Now sing along with the rest, the next verse of the Company
Anthem: –

    /\      John Burgess
   / /
  / /    
 / /__|\
(_______) Modern Corporate Song:- 
Why should we break our backs, stupidly paying tax
Better get some untaxed income
You gotta pick a pocket or two, etc.

Chorus:Why should we keep paying tax; we gotta pick a pocket or two.