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Sketchy Order

Molly, please read previous orchid post on the subject at:


I very recently added the ability to buy online to my site (I mean
very recently - have had only 2 orders so far, one of which was from
my aunt). Yesterday, I got an order for 30 pieces from someone in
Puerto Rico. I think it is strange since I haven’t done much at all
to promote my site that someone overseas would find it. Stranger to
me is that the order is for 10 pieces each of 3 items, one of which
is a ring size 9. I can understand buying the 10 pendants as presents
for friends but to buy 10 rings the same size is odd to me. I have
read old archives about overseas orders being a scam and now I am
paranoid that this is one. The little voice in the back of my head
is telling me to relax though, it could be legit and it would be
great to have an order of that size right now. I emailed the buyer
to confirm that they indeed wanted 10 of each design and they wrote
back saying the order was correct (however, the name of the person
who wrote to me is different than the name of the person who placed
the order). What should I do?

Molly Hislop Marlow Designs

Molly, I’m sorry I miss read your post. The little voice in my head
would have said be carefull it’s a scam We have a web site and many
of these type orders are scams. Jeff

Molly… Call me …we have this happen quite a bit… The order
is probably fraudulent but here are some good clues…

They want it shipped fast… Email address that is questionable…
You can call the bank that issues the credit card this is the best
way. Have them use paypal to pay that protects you
for international orders it is great…

Molly, please read previous orchid post on the subject at:


Rick Sindeband
Skystone and Silver
P.O.Box 4525
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
email @Rick_Sindeband

Don’t do it Molly. I’ve had several orders like that. If it
doesn’t feel right it isn’t. The fact the names and addresses are
different is the first red flag. I got this telephone number from
either visa or MC 1-800-841-3127. You can call and give them the
names and addresses of both of the people and they can tell you if
the card number matches either of them. I can pretty much guarantee
you that it won’t. Sometimes I’ve done a search on google on one of
their names and their are emails about these people being scam
artists. The fact they want rings that are all the same in the same
size is pretty much a definite scam. Hate to bum you out. I know I
got an order like that and I thought I was really going to make some
money. But it just didn’t feel right. And it wasn’t. I seem to
get these all the time from Nigeria and Romania in particularly

~God Bless you~