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Skeletonized leaves


looking for some help in the process of skeletonizing leaves. many
folk have electroformed them into jewelry, but i am wanting to use
them in enameling; a form for a cloisonne design. any help on the
process will be greatly appreciated.

david horn


Dave, I have read, but not tried, that you can do this immersing a
leaf in a shallow dish of hot sodium hydroxide solution, and gently
brushing it with a soft brush. The alkaline solution destroys the
soft parts, which you brush away, leaving the veins. Very thorough
washing afterwards would be needed.

Don’t use aluminium, as the solution attacks it. Also, be aware that
there are serious safety considerations involved with sodium hydroxide
(also known as caustic soda) that you should research yourself. Come
to think of it, you might be able to use sodium carbonate (washing
soda) instead, which is safer, though still somewhat hazardous. Good

Kevin UK