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Sizing Wax Models

About twelve years ago, I bought the Wax Machine System from Frei &
Borel. This was a collection of tools that allowed you to make
different kind of wax ring models (eternity, faceted, domed bands,
etc., using standard wax ring tube stock. At that time, you could opt
to buy only the “Basic Wax Machine Unit”. It was a coring devise
that allowed you to cut perfectly straight ring sizes in standard wax
ring tubes by adjusting a cutting blade. Once you adjusted the blade
to the proper size (NOTE: If aiming for a large size, you would cut
in stages, perhaps two size increments.), you would shove the the
registration rod into the wax tube and crank the gadget clockwise.
The cutting blade would core out wax to the desired size and you
controlled the width of the ring by how much tube you cored out.

Once you’ve cored out the size and width you want, you put your wax
tube into a miter box and saw off your ring blank. Needless to say,
this gadget is very handy as it doesn’t cut tapered, off-round, or
choppy ring holes. While I haven’t seen it in catalogs for years, you
might contact Frei & Borel and see if they can track one down for
you. If my memory serves me correctly, the price was around $150
back in the 80’s.

Donna Shimazu

I have been using for years a 12 inch long tapered reamer that I
picked up at a local machine tool company for precise wax sizings. It
has seven cutting edges and I have maked with permanent ink the sizes
and half sizes. I like it because of the smooth surface it makes as it
cuts. The cost years ago was $32 but has been well worth it. Any
tool company that carrys supplies for industrial machine shops could help. Ron

You may also try a tobacco pipe cleaner. A good tobacco store should
be able to get you one. It has a metal blade to ream out the bowl of
a pipe and it works great for inside sizing of waxes as it is

Jeff Kaiser