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Sizing spinner rings

Hey guys, while sizing the usual pile of rings the other morning I
had one that was what some people call a spinner ring, and some an
orbital ring… The basic premise is that there is a post at the top
of the ring, with two spheres of prong set diamonds, that rotate
round the vertical post in a horizontal plane. The post goes through
the sphere which has a selection of steel ball bearings that allows
it to spin effortlessly. Probably too much info, but want to make
sure the visual is there. The problem is after sizing the 20 or so
rings, I threw,er gently placed, all the rings in a nice warm bath
of sparex. You guessed it after 30 minutes no more ball bearings. Of
course my question is, does anyone know where to locate these
bearings, and do you beleive they were in a casing such as a car
wheel bearing? all help is appreciated, and yes I know about citric
acid, and I wouldn’t be in this state right now, but I find it works
to slow…and I really like to damage rings on the quick!! Thanks
for any help, Chuck


One source of small ball bearings I’ve used is
They probably have better quality bearings than the one(s) you
dissolved. Still I wouldn’t advise heating to more than a few
hundred degrees F, or pickling for more than very briefly in a fresh
mix of sparex.

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Way back in my hazy youth, I remember a company in Keene NH called
Miniature Precision Bearings. Many years later I came across them
again, as providers of super small high-tech bearings for space and
military applications. Interesting development: They now make
ceramic bearings too, which of course won’t be damaged by your
pickle. The address below is probably what they have morphed into.

	Timken Aerospace & Super Precision Bearings - MPB
	7 Optical Ave, Keene, NH 03431
	(603) 352-0310