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Sizing class rings made of trillium

Hello All: I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to size
and solder a class ring made of “Trillium”. I need to go up about .75
of a size and wonder if stretching the ring is possible? It is a ring
manufactured by “Gold Lance co.” They offer a lifetime warranty for
sizing so that makes me think that you can cut and solder it with
something. What would you solder in to size it up? Silver? I’m going
to check with Gold Lance tommorrow to see how long it will take for
them to do it as this lady wants to surprise her husband with it for
Christmas. Just thought that someone out there in Orchidland has a
method or a horror story. Thanks Michael R. Mathews Sr.

Michael, My understanding is that when you send them one of their
rings for sizing, they do it by casting a new ring in the correct
size. It’s cheaper for them to simply remanufacture the ring, which
means they then don’t have to maintain any sort of repair deparment,
and it then avoids any problems that might crop up in trying to size
these things.


Dear Michael, I wouldn’t touch that ring with a five foot mandrel!
They are basically stainless steel. Most times they are merely
replaced with a new one for sizing purposes. You (if your curious)
can go to a pawn shop and get a bunch for a few dollars and try
working on them. How much does five or ten dwt of stainless cost? The
warranty is also my main reason. The lifetime warranty is void if
anyone else does anything to it at all. Same with Jostens ArtCarved &

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson
T.R. the Teacher