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Sizing bangles in PMC3


Hello World!

Does anyone have tips for sizing bracelet bangles made out of PMC3?
“Shrinkage” gets me every time. (Remember Seinfeld?)


Jennifer “JJ” Singh
Owner / Designer
Matisse Designs

Does anyone have tips for sizing bracelet bangles made out of
PMC3? "Shrinkage" gets me every time. (Remember Seinfeld?) 

Take the length you want the bracelet to be when you’re done, then
enlarge it on a copier. For PMC 3, I think it’s 118%. For PMC 3 I’m
not sure, you could ask at the yahoo group Metal Clay Gallery.

However, PMC is not recommended for bangle bracelets, and it’s also
very expensive to make bangles with PMC.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay



I’m a newbie with pmc3 (gosh I love this stuff!). I bought a
shrinkage ruler from rio grande that has been very helpful. I also
calculate shrinkage by adding the shrinkage % to the design. You
might want to add a little extra, as I calculated it this way for a
ring and was still a tiny bit off.

Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs



You asked a question about PMC bracelets. The first line of attack
is to do the best prep work you can. PMC3 has about a 10% shrinkage
rate. You can either do the math or make a template. Put the
template on a copier and increase by 10%, and that will be the size
you make it. I then augment this with strict notes and measurements.
Every time I go back to my sketch books and find accurate notes that
save me the headache of figuring it all out again, I am a happy
camper. One last note, I would be lost without my bracelet mandrel.
PMC bracelets do warp in the kiln, and a little gentle persuasion
with a leather mallet helps a huge amount.

Hope this had been helpful.
Elizabeth R. Agte


Elizabeth, thanks for including your website address–I just wnet to
look at it and was impressed with the website design, indepth
discussions of each of your pieces, and oh, yes, I really loved your
designs! It looks like wearable jewelry to love for a long time.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Stacy Hosler, MSW, ACSW
Clinical Lead
IMPACT/Segue, Inc.
Jackson, MI 49202